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July 31st, 2015 
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Dovercourt - Wallace Emerson Junction, West Toronto Real Estate, Houses, Homes, Detached, Semis, Townhouses, Condos

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1st Quarter Real Estate Report - 2015


Bloordale Village, Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction, houses, homes, real estate Bloordale Cafe, Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction, west-end Toronto real estate


Dovercourt - Wallace Emerson Junction

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The west-end Toronto neighbourhood of Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction is close to the centre of downtown Toronto and includes a number of smaller communities: Bloordale Village, Bloorcourt, Dovercourt, Wallace Emerson and the Junction Triangle. Found just east of Dundas Street West along Bloor Street to Christie Street and jogging north of Dupont.

This up and coming “artsy” district is just another example of Toronto’s gentrification finding its way west, to what was once known as a boring strip of retail bargain stores and modest residential properties.

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction semi-detached homes


What’s it like to live in

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction?

As neighbourhoods continue to change and grow, much like Manhattan’s Greenwich Village and Toronto’s Yorkville from the sixties, we can see how forgotten urban hoods are becoming alive with art galleries, café’s, yoga studios and trendy eateries while at the same time area housing prices rise.

Many of the young professionals are looking for an urban vibe and energy found in dense city hoods and the very thought of the “burbs” brings to mind “boring and sterile”. They’re looking for a walkable area to live where the streets are lined with trees and local cafés and markets are only a short distance away.

One such area that is on the cusp of change is Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction. It started off in the late 1800’s as an industrial area close to the railways and factories, housing poor immigrants and later becoming popular with Portuguese, Italians, Spanish, Asians and Ethiopians.

Buyers not willing or able to get into such hoods as Little Italy, Seaton Village or Roncesvalles and High Park, are considering the up-and-coming art district “Dovercourt–Wallace Emerson Junction”.

semis Free-hold townhouses

This neighbourhood has a mixed income and multi-cultural combination found amongst its residents. Locals are finding an array of culinary choices along Bloor Street with the joining of new café’s and eateries with the other small established restaurants. It’s becoming a colourful and interesting hood with vintage shops, fruit markets, and exciting eateries as well as a number of local art galleries opening up.  “Mercer Union” an artist-run centre for contemporary art and the “Toronto Free Gallery” a not-for-profit art space, are both home to this becoming “hip” area.

Another great appeal for both singles and families alike are the surrounding parks and green space as well as not being far from Toronto’s largest - High Park!

The treed residential streets have a close family and community feel with a blend of the original multi-cultural families and the new hipsters that are moving in. The housing stock is a combination of older detached and semis that are taking on a new look and feel with contemporary renovations and sleek remodeling as new owners move into the hood. Newer townhouses and converted lofts are an option for buyers that are adverse to updating or renovating. The Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction area is unique in having a number of industrial and heritage buildings converted to condo Lofts. In keeping with this up and coming artsy hip neighbourhood, these lofts offer an edgy and interesting space for the urbanites that won't settle for boring. The Chelsea Lofts; Foundry Lofts; Iron Work Lofts; Wallace Station Lofts; Bartlett Lofts and Mitchell Lofts are all found in this hood.

Wallace Station Lofts, West Toronto, Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction, condos Foundry Lofts, West Toronto, Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction

Like many other Toronto neighbourhoods, the local residents and businesses participate in a yearly street festival called Big on Bloor Street, featuring art, music and international food.

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction in the west end of Toronto is only minutes away from the downtown core. The local subway stations on the Bloor-Danforth line are Lansdowne, Ossington and Dufferin, and leaving your car at home couldn’t be easier. “Bloordale Village”, the coolest of this area, is getting lots of press including from “Toronto Life” and “Now” publications and is becoming known as a trendy and hip area with the local urbanites strolling to the retro Bloordale Pantry for brunch and Starving Artist for incredible waffles. Walking along Bloor Street are more choices for dropping in for dinner or grabbing a drink from Holy Oak Café, 3 Speed or Ortolan which is the latest addition to the area. Residents of all ages are making Lansdowne Cone one of their favourite stops for locally-made ice-cream. The vibrancy of the City along with the eclectic choices of eateries and edgy galleries make this up-and-coming neighbourhood that offers great value, an ideal option to consider when looking for your next urban hood to call home!

Considering moving to the Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction Hood? Contact April Esteves at



Bloordale Pantry

Starving Artist

Café Stella

Ortolan Bistro

The Lansdowne Cone

Haus Store

Mercer Union Gallery

Toronto Free Gallery

Funktion Gallery

Paul Bright Contemporary Gallery

Robert Kananaj Gallery

Body Harmonics Pilates

Sara Duke Factory Store

69 Vintage Collective

Ping Pong Vintage Furniture

Nosso Talho Butcher Shop

Bloordale B.I.A.

Bloorcourt B.I.A.

Dovercourt B.I.A.

Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction

Property Values

*2013-2014 Solds - Treb Stats

Detached range from $350,000 to $1.325m

Semi-detached range from $300,000 to $848,000

Attached/Row/Townhouse range from $350,000 to $802,000

Condo/Lofts/Townhouses range from

$200,000 to $775,000

Foundry Lofts range from $295,000 to $600,000

Wallace Station Lofts range from $412,000 to $589,000

1st Quarter Real Estate Report - 2014

2nd Quarter Real Estate Report - 2014

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